Wooden Toy Forest Autumn

Wooden Toy Forest Autumn

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A soulful toy for smart and creative play. Develops imagination, speech, artistic ability and emotional intelligence.

The Wooden Forest is a classic “open ended toy” that does not provide algorithms and patterns in the game, but invites the child to come up with something more interesting to interact with. As a result, any game turns out to be developing - the child's imagination and thought process are actively working and emotions are involved.

If your child is building a city from blocks, you can set up a park in the middle of the city and discuss at the same time why it is important for a person to be close to nature even in the city. You can pretend play to be in a forest hike and come up with many useful tales.

The forest is ideal for playing out your favorite real or imaginary tales. For a child, this is a very important process - to transfer a verbal tale into reality, to play out familiar plots. This often gives a huge leap in speech, "opens" imagination skills and trains memory very strongly.

This is a great toy for raising independent play. With this toy children are happy to play by themselves.

  • The set contains 8 trees and bushes: spruce, pine, fir, cypress, two apple trees and a bush. Sizes: 14 cm, 12 cm, 11 cm, 10 cm, 7 cm, 3.5 cm, 3 cm.
  • Made of natural linden wood, with a soft scent of wood
  • Coated with safe water based paint