Wooden Arch Stacker - Pastel Earth

Wooden Arch Stacker - Pastel Earth

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A meditative toy for focused, useful and educational games.
Right from birth, the baby finds himself in a world where there is so much visual information that even the nervous system of an adult sometimes cannot cope. Everything sparkles, shimmers, there are so many unnatural colors around - bright, aggressive, oversaturated.

Pastel Earth colors arcs are an island of calmness and concentration among all this multicolor. There are many games to play with rainbow arcs:

  • Build cradles for toy animals
  • Find balance by stacking arcs on top of each other
  • Stretch bridges across the fabric river
  • Build a tunnel for a toy ride or a garage for cars
  • Trace with a pencil on paper
  • Deepen your study of color
  • Learn more-less concepts
Looks very nice in children's interiors. 

  • Made in Russia from natural wood
  • Covered with safe paint
  • Develop creativity, the ability to play independently
  • The basis of dozens of educational games
  • Convenient size 14 × 7 × 4 cm
  • Decorate the nursery
  • Wonderful gift